Sonnet IV

Closing on those summer nights, I can’t bear to say goodbye. The fun we had reached new heights, And now my laugh turns to a sigh. For you to dream of new ways, So that we can meet and I see your face, Has me counting down the days Until our time to fall from … More Sonnet IV

When The World Died

I created this poem, I don’t know if it’s any good, but it’s quite long (801 words) so it rambles a fair bit. I don’t believe in structures when it comes to poems, apparently. It’s stream of consciousness, and I was doing one of those write-750-words-a-day things and I thought a poem would be a … More When The World Died


They say the first cut is always the deepest, But the blade refuses to enter the skin. I wonder if this would make me the weakest, Because these thoughts imply I live in sin.   My life is a lie and I don’t think I’ll make it, It all adds up inside and I can’t … More Disquiet