concediu de odihna

Goodness me, has it almost been two weeks since my last post? Oops, well, have some poetry. In case you couldn’t tell from the title and image, it’s based on my trip to northern Romania a few years ago. Life is an adventure, just wait until you see, Maybe someday it’ll be worth what this … More concediu de odihna

Sonnet II

As water is to fire and of the earth and air, My dear and I, we can never be free, For our differences won’t allow you near me. And your parents, if they ever saw us, would just stare At the sight of us, my hand in your hair. They don’t understand the love you … More Sonnet II

Sonnet I

(Shakespearean, 2015, dedicated to Sam) I want nothing more than to see your smile Whenever you see me walk in the room. Even if I have to wait a while I would just sit and wait for it to bloom.   Because I just want to see you happy, You are my only exception, I … More Sonnet I