Passion and Coffee

While I normally swear by coffee, I know it’s not actually the best thing for you. It’s actually a drug, one of the worst for humans alongside nicotine, and is legal. And passion is as fleeting as love (in my experience, crash and burn). As a writer, coffee and passion is what spurs me most … More Passion and Coffee

When The World Died

I created this poem, I don’t know if it’s any good, but it’s quite long (801 words) so it rambles a fair bit. I don’t believe in structures when it comes to poems, apparently. It’s stream of consciousness, and I was doing one of those write-750-words-a-day things and I thought a poem would be a … More When The World Died

The Raven

This one’s based on the Edgar Allen Poe poem The Raven. As I walk down the long and winding street, I start to wonder where I’m being led by my feet, Because I don’t know my way down this path of concrete, And with every step I take I can hear my heartbeat. The sky … More The Raven


Just a bit of poetry I wrote a few months back, it’s a bit depressing and Marxist, but I think the emotion is there. I want to fly on gilded wingsBut I get pulled back by puppet strings And when I think the rope will snap My Master cries out and the whip does crack … More Demons