I’m sorry, if indeed you are reading my blog

Oops, so I’ve been neglecting you, for that, I can only apologize.

I don’t think I have any excuses planned. I’ve been getting counseling for my procrastination, procrastinating my dissertation and starting-and-scrapping ideas for a novel. The counseling isn’t working as well as I’d hoped, the dissertation is a ten-thousand-word piece of my own research.

That’s the update on my life, I have a 1,200-word ‘film review’ re-submission due in noon tomorrow (I’ve done just over half of that). The inverted commas are because when I reviewed the film the first time and the marker’s comments were “too much film review, not enough criminology.” So, I’m writing an essay and using the film to illustrate, as requested. I’m ignoring the essay, it was a suggestion to pass the module.

ANYWAY, I’ll attempt to remember I have a blog based on novels and paranormal shit. If you don’t mind the coarse language, message me or comment or whatever and I won’t filter my language so much.



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