New Projects for the Summer

Sun, sand and beaches aren’t really on my agenda this summer. I’ve decided to stick to one novel until it’s finished.

The only way to do this, I’ve decided, is to stay with the damn thing even if I have to force words out. The featured image, you can see, is my floor covered with the (unfinished) plot outline for the first book in my quartet (you will learn I never do things by half).

Yes, I used Sims 3 for the building (and floor plan), I’ve given up playing the game as designed, I use it to design houses for my characters. I’ve also used Ink and Quill’s story binder to organise the project, massive though it will soon be, and Kristen Kieffer’s outlining process is very similar to mine.

It is an Ant-Man mug acting as a pen holder, if you were wondering, and the project’s on the floor because the huge printer takes up too much room on my desk (is it excuses if it’s true?).

I really hope to finish this one, I’ve taken to deleting other story ideas I have lying around my laptop as punishment for these last years idea-hopping (I’ve lost world-building information doing this, as it’s the same ‘universe’ just different locations and characters–oops).


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