Passion and Coffee

While I normally swear by coffee, I know it’s not actually the best thing for you. It’s actually a drug, one of the worst for humans alongside nicotine, and is legal. And passion is as fleeting as love (in my experience, crash and burn).

As a writer, coffee and passion is what spurs me most days, even when I attend lectures necessary to my degree completion but not to later life.

I think passion is what drives us, and coffee gives our brains the stimulation needed to continue. We need to be able to love what we do, so that love will shine through and let others love it, too, if the love’s not there then neither will be the emotion you intend to convey.

Someone once told me, or I read it on a blog, you have to feel what your characters feel to accurately portray emotions. There’s a website to play music designed to inspire feelings, like in the movies when the sad music plays as a character dies, and I think commitment is a must.

This book, or extended work you’re working on, will end up being a labor of love, when it’s finished you’ll never want to be rejected because you love it so much (I’ll freely admit I’m a commitment-phobe, I’m working on changing that) and how can anyone else not love it?

The sad news, this passion will have to carry you to tear your baby to shreds to ensure it’s the best it can possibly be, apparently one way to do this is to re-write the entire thing word-for-word. This, I’ve heard, will allow you to see and fix grammatical errors and keep a notepad handy to mark down where you need to sort out plot holes and deadends.

The coffee just keeps you up in the early hours of dawn working on this.

I realise I’m talking about stuff I’ve never tried, but as sure as the sky is blue most days and Original Percival Graves should have been a thing in Fantastic Beasts (oh my days Credence didn’t die no matter what my mother says), I intend to write this beast I have planned and then re-write it, then grammar-Nazi it to hell and back before I send it off to a friend to externally criticize it.

Any advice I give here, I’ll either have tried it myself or am willing to try it in the future, just fyi.

Yes, I’m a fangirl. I own a t-shirt that says Wanded & Extremely Dangerous, I’m a Slytherin according to Pottermore and I totally don’t own (or wear) a t-shirt declaring me mentally dating Bucky Barnes, what are you talking about?

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