How Do We Actually Stick With An Idea?

Okay, so I get why people make plans, and then stick to them, but how do they do this? Create these giant projects and stay with them through to completion?

When I have the answer, my friends, I’ll tell you.

So far into my research, and I have actually researched procrastination, God, I’m such a nerd, bigger tasks need to be broken down into manageable chunks and made in some way fun. Then you can do all the boring bits and end up with a fantastic finished piece at the end of it all.

But how is this done? I don’t know, everything is generalised and individualised for use in many areas. It’s like completing a painting or writing a complex novel, there’s no one way to make it to the end, but unless you break it down into smaller, managable tasks it won’t happen in such a way to be coherent at the end.

My main problem with this, I find, is staying with the tasks once I have them. And nowhere does it say how I overcome this. I guess partially is the mentality of it all, I’m scared of failure and therefore fear my final novel won’t be up to standard to be a success. Once I overcome this, I might be able to progress past the self-sabotage of never finishing what I start.

So what do you guys think? Have I answered this question? Have I answered it to your satisfaction?


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