The Raven

This one’s based on the Edgar Allen Poe poem The Raven.

As I walk down the long and winding street,
I start to wonder where I’m being led by my feet,
Because I don’t know my way down this path of concrete,
And with every step I take I can hear my heartbeat.

The sky turns dark and there’s a rolling mist,
I know this is strange but I’m not a scientist,
And with every second that passes there’s an urge to become an arsonist,
But there’s no one to stop me so how can I resist?

There’s a howl on the wind and what looks like a claw,
So I run down the lane and rush to shut the closest door,
But I can’t ever forget my sweet love, my Lenore,
And I realize this house I’m in is haunted, called Nevermore.


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