Personalities and Realities

What is life that we must hide who we are?
Is society such that we are not all a star?
Our elders in schools go on about us and individuality
And yet our peers harp on and on about how they want to reach immortality,
Not in the traditional sense of physically living forever, mind you,
But that they want their legacy to last as they feel that it’s due.

They hide who they are behind fortified walls
And bitch about you when the school bell calls.
Because it’s not about being who you really are,
It’s not about doing your best to become a star.
No, life is not that damn easy
If it was, we’d all be sleazy.

Life is all about fitting in,
Finding that niche and living in sin.
We’ve got the clichés of the bitches, the jocks and the nerds,
With the gamers, the goths, the freaks, it’s all absurd.

How can we be unique when we’re trying to be cool?
We want to be the same when we’re at school.
Then at work we dress in a uniform of suits and ties
Because we must abide by an unwritten law or our job life dies.

How can we be individual when we want to be the same?
And when we’re the same, others want us to be ourselves. Hey, let’s play a game . . .
We’ll all be ourselves, just for a day, and see if the bullying gets worse.
Yeah, it’s stupid, we’re all stuck in a hole. Our lives are a curse.
We can’t to anything right, others always laugh at our failures
Because humanity’s sadistic, where are our saviours?

I want a hero, someone who doesn’t care about others,
But how do I find them, everyone’s all about covers.
Girls with make-up to hide their true faces,
Beauty’s all about society’s standards, and less about graces,
Boys with bad attitudes and lies about the weekends,
Because who wants to admit they actually keep up with the trends?

So how do I know what really goes on?
I’m a freak, I stand out, my life is a con.
I hide in my room and listen to metal music
Because the charts are full of crap and I’ll lose it
If I have to hear another song of the same kind
I may commit murder, you don’t know what excuse I might find.

Life is boring and we’re all weak,
We listen to who we shouldn’t and act out as badly to seek
The kind of attention we don’t really want.
But prices are going up, and wages are staying the same
So our parents all work harder and life becomes a game
Of what we can do to be recognised as something other than who we are
As we all want to be seen as a part of a crowd
But don’t know how to raise our voices loud.

So stand up, be seen, but don’t be cool,
Nothing relevant can be learned when you’re at school.


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