Hello World, I Hope You’re Listening

Today is the day I decided to create my own blog. I didn’t wake up and think “I’ll create a blog today”. No, it was around the afternoon the thought occurred.

You see, blogs to me are things other people have. And when other people have them, I think I can’t do it as good as them. They’ve got the great-looking designs, the knowledge, the newsletters going out to a mail list. And what do I have?

I have my imagination, that’s what.

What can my imagination do? Come up with story ideas that won’t get down on paper enough to create a plan for a novel. Keep me distracted so the assessments for college are crap or I don’t sleep. Hyper-focus on tasks that won’t help me later in life. Great, life’s good, thanks for asking.

So, I thought to myself, I’ll make a blog and get it out there. Maybe I’ll write that bestseller one day, get money enough to put a deposit down on a place to live and get a decent job I actually like (I have high standards and no motivation, I’m also socially awkward and have tendencies to not think before I speak).

I’ll keep this short, won’t take up your time.

This blog is my way of connecting to people, and I hate socialising in person (college is bad enough, they talk to me then ignore me, what even is this?) so virtual worlds it is. This blog is to show the world my writing, and maybe people will like it, maybe they’ll hate it. I won’t know until I post it, and you won’t know until you stumble upon it and read it.

Okay, that’s enough ramblings for now. I’ll post something in the near future.



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